Dive into how we collaborated with NICE to create a visually compelling digital campaign, “CX Gold,” leveraging the Paris Olympic 2024 Games to promote their AI CX software.


Creative / Visual Concept


Customer Experience / Technology



Dive into how we collaborated with NICE to create a visually compelling digital campaign, “CX Gold,” leveraging the Paris Olympic 2024 Games to promote their AI CX software.


Creative / Visual Concept


Customer Experience / Technology



NICE, a leader in AI-powered customer experience (CX) solutions, sought to leverage the global excitement surrounding the Paris Olympic Games to promote their AI CX software. The objective was to position their software as the “gold standard” in customer experience, using the high-stakes, high-performance context of the Olympics to underscore the superior quality and reliability of their offerings.

The chosen campaign theme, “CX Gold,” aimed to create a visual and thematic connection between the excellence demanded at the Olympic level and the excellence NICE’s software delivers in customer experience. This is where Noetic’s expertise had to shine: our mission was to transform these insights into a captivating and visually striking concept for a digital campaign, so we rolled our sleeves and got to work.


Increase Brand Awareness

Amplify NICE’s presence in the CX market and their target audience (c-level executives) by associating with a global event.

Highlight Product Excellence

Position NICE’s AI CX software as the premium choice in the industry, hence the association to winning a gold medal and aligning with the values of performance, precision, and excellence.

Drive Lead Generation:

Attract potential clients interested in enhancing their customer experience through innovative AI solutions.



Our strategy revolved around creating a cohesive and compelling visual concept that linked the Olympic spirit with NICE’s brand values. The key elements included:

Visual Metaphors of Gold and Victory

Utilize imagery associated with gold medals, victory, and excellence.

Integration with Olympic Themes

Align NICE’s branding with the aesthetics and themes of the Paris Olympic Games.

Highlighting AI and Technology

Showcase the advanced features of NICE’s AI CX software through visually striking representations made with AI too.

Engaging Storytelling

Develop a narrative that connects the pursuit of Olympic gold to the pursuit of excellence in customer experience.


Creative Execution

Visual Design

The visual concept, “CX Gold,” was developed to evoke the prestige and aspiration of winning a gold medal at the Olympics. Key design elements included:

Gold Tones and Textures:

Dominant use of gold hues, metallic textures, and light flares to signify premium quality and achievement.

Olympic Iconography:

Subtle incorporation of Olympic symbols such as medals, laurels, and podiums to tie the campaign to the games.

Dynamic Imagery & AI

Use of action shots, dynamic lines, and AI-generated visual effects created with MidJourney to convey motion, energy, and progress.

Digital Assets

We created a suite of digital assets, including:

Hero Banners

Bold, eye-catching banners for the homepage and landing pages, featuring athletes in action with overlays of gold motifs and NICE’s software interface.

Social Media Graphics:

Engaging visuals tailored for platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, combining Olympic imagery with key product features and benefits.

Video Content

Short, impactful videos showing the parallels between athletes’ dedication to winning gold and NICE’s commitment to delivering top-notch customer experience.

Campaign Messaging

The campaign messaging centered around the tagline: “Winning CX Gold.” The key messages communicated were:
Unmatched Performance:
“Like Olympic athletes, our AI CX software sets the gold standard in performance and reliability.”
Precision and Excellence:
“Just as every millisecond counts in a race, every interaction matters in customer experience. NICE ensures every touchpoint is exceptional.”
Innovation in Motion
“Experience the future of customer experience with NICE’s cutting-edge AI solutions.”



Campaign Launch

The campaign launched in tandem with the opening of the Paris Olympic Games, utilizing the heightened media attention to maximize visibility. Key activities included:

Landing Page

A dedicated landing page to feature the “CX Gold” campaign, highlighting key visuals, messages, and interactive elements to engage visitors.

Social Media Blitz:

Coordinated posts across all major social media channels with high-impact visuals and strategic use of Olympic hashtags to increase reach and engagement.


A series of webinars featuring industry experts discussing the latest trends in AI and customer experience, drawing analogies to Olympic training and competition.

Analytics and Adjustments

Throughout the campaign, we closely monitored performance metrics such as engagement rates, website traffic, and lead generation. This allowed us to make real-time adjustments to optimize the campaign’s impact.


By aligning NICE’s AI CX software with the values and excitement of the Paris Olympic Games, the “CX Gold” campaign successfully conveyed the message of excellence and top performance. The campaign not only enhanced NICE’s brand visibility but also positioned its software as the leading choice for businesses seeking the best in customer experience. The project stands as a testament to the power of creative, thematic marketing in achieving business objectives.

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